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About Us

SOCU stands for Southern Culture, an acronym adopted by our Chef and owner Erica Barrett. Southern Food has always had and continues to have stereotypical connotations but is the most distinctive and flavorful cuisine in the United States. 

Southern food reflects hard times and a genius way of using local resources. At SOCU, we focus on an Elevated Coastal Southern Dining experience. Highlighting and celebrating fresh Seafood from the Gulf, Farm-Grown Vegetables that border beautiful waters and celebrating good flavorful food in a chic and friendly environment. Come eat at our table.

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Socu Kitchen

One Saturday morning trip to the grocery store created an entrepreneur who would turn the head of America.

Years ago, Erica was out shopping for ingredients for a new pancake recipe and thought, "Why do I have to grab so many ingredients and - come on - why is my bill $30 for one recipe?!" She walked into that store as a consumer but left an entrepreneur with a completely new outlook on food and cooking.

Southern Culture was featured on ABC's Shark Tank, QVC, OWN  CNBC’s The Profit in 2018, and Erica got the opportunity to meet and collaborate with Marcus.

From the fluffiest pancakes to the crispiest fried chicken and the best darn cornbread, they scrutinize every last detail so that you can cook Real Food, Done Simply.

These products are made for real cooking. Join Southern Culture on YouTube as you cook. We promise to bring your family and friends to the table for meals they will never forget.

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Let SOCU Cater your next event! We offer on-site and off-site catering services for any group small or large from catering drop-offs, company events, or weddings we have you covered.

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